This article will entirely focus on how one can attract money and live the dream that has been disturbing him or her all along.

There is a multitude of different spells that can help you in getting good luck and money. The universe will take care of you if you let it. The beauty is you do not really have to do anything special to attract good luck, and it’s amazing how little you should do to get what you need. The big truth is that the more money we have, the more we need. Our needs increase proportionally and yes, to keep up with your desires, magic, and spells can help quite alot.

However, it cannot be emphasised that nothing in life can fall from the skies. There must be work involved. Unless you wake up to work, these spells will not do miracles.

This particular spell is cast to help get paid correctly for the work done and to realize bets business plans – but they will not bring you a coffin filled with gold coins on the door from nowhere. Even the Bible condemns laziness and therefore wake up!

One thing that must be done to make all these possible, though, to be able to make money, is to activated your house. If you need to attract good luck, home is where you need to start the process.

One powerful way to attract money is to activate the area of ​​money in your home. This zone is located in the South East place of your home or in the left corner of that room where you have to activate by water. Therefore, in this part of the apartment or room put a water fountain, an aquarium with golden fishes, crystals, coins and money wood. Also remember that as you do all these, repeat this spell three times: “Let the water do its work, and bring money in this home.”

Second, you have to remove dust. Do not allow dust to rest on ritual objects. If you have an aquarium with golden fishes, the water must always be crystal clear, and the aquarium without stones. Just like the Chinese are very careful when it is anything to do with treating their fishes. The fish bring good luck and the death of a fish is definitely considered a terrifying moment. So while cleaning this ritual objects always confess this  spell: “Clean water, my fish, clean my bad luck and help me achieve my money goals”.

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