Monday June 29, 2020 – The novel Coronavirus has sneaked its way to Parliament with several MPs already infected with the deadly virus.

According to reports, six MPs are in hospital with one in ICU after they tested positive for Covid19.

This comes only days after State House staffers tested positive.

According to an MP who requested anonymity, one of the legislators has been under intensive care at a hospital in Nairobi. 

He is said to have reportedly infected a colleague who had visited him in hospital. 

Two of the other infected lawmakers include one from the Coast and a Western Kenya counterpart who is serving his first term. 

“I know at least six MPs have so far turned positive and are in hospitals, one is in ICU,” the insider revealed. 

Members of Parliament who interacted with the sick MPs are said to be in panic as they await their results. 

However, National Assembly Clerk, Michael Sialai, stated that since medical records are private, he will only be made aware of the situation if the MPs disclosed their status. 

The latest reports of infections in the Kenyan political class add emphasis to CS Kagwe’s warning that Covid19 could infect anyone. 

However, politicians have been caught flouting containment rules on several occasions, raising concerns from members of the public. 


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