Tuesday June 30, 2020 – Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, has gone ham on Environment CS Keriako Tobiko after President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government announced plans to repossess his multi-million land in Ngong Forest.

The land in question is among parcels that will be repossessed as part of a new initiative to reclaim grabbed public land.

Speaking yesterday, Ngunjiri, who is one of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies, sensationally hit out at Tobiko who is in charge of the Government’s land reclamation in the Ngong Forest.

A report tabled by the CS showed that in 1992, Ngunjiri was allocated 18.24 acres from the Ngong Forest reserve land.

An acre of land in Ngong fetches about Sh20 million which means Ngunjiri’s property is worth at least Sh320 million without considering the cost of development made on the land.

However, Ngunjiri said that the land was duly transferred to him by the Commissioner of Lands and said Tobiko had no mandate to revoke a title deed.

“We got these pieces of land through the legal process.”

“Tobiko is a lawyer but he is speaking like someone who does not understand the law.”

“It’s either he has gone mad or he is high on vodka.”

“I wonder where Uhuru gets these kind of Cabinet Secretaries because they are making him very unpopular.”

“Let him go to the Ministry of Lands and if the law was not followed, I’m ready to surrender that title deed.”

“He should also know that only a court of law can nullify a title deed and stop claiming that a title deed is a mere piece of paper like a tissue paper.”

“How rich has he become that he can now use a title deed to wipe his behind after going to the toilet?” the MP wondered.

Ngunjiri called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to reign in on Tobiko and ensure the law is followed and the commitments made by previous Governments are respected.


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