Monday, June 15, 2020 – Talented Kenyan singer, Otile Brown, is in a long distance relationship with a sexy Ethiopian lass called Nabayet alias Nabi.

Being in a long distance relationship can be challenging and it needs total commitment and a lot of sacrifices to work.

For instance, Otile just confessed that he usually pleasures himself when push comes to shove to avoid cheating on her girlfriend.

The Chaguo La Moyo hit-maker said:

“Tunanyonga tu! Utafanya nini sasa! Nikimsubiri na anasupport mnyongo huo, amasema keep doing what you are doing.

“Anajua with that now, at least boy wake nimetulia”.

In response, Nabi, who was being interviewed by Shaffie Weru said that she doesn’t see any problem with Otile’s actions, promising that Nairobi will be her first destination when flights resume operations.

Shaffie said:

“Otile was being interviewed by Jalang’o and he said he has been strangling the monkey. You need to come over?” 

To which she responded:

“Yeah I saw that; I saw a lot of messages the next day.”

“It was hilarious, but definitely I’m gone come.”

“Ones the borders are open that would be my first destination.”

“I do check on that every day, so there was nothing new and that’s good it should be appreciated. In fact, it should be something that should be looked up to, I think”

This comes after the sexy lass disclosed that they have tried to break up so many times because of the long- distance but they always end up rekindling their love.

“Long distance is the hardest thing I have ever experienced.

“I used to preach that long distance is a no go zone. But what happens is when you create that bond with someone, whether the situation is hard or not, you just have to fight for it.”

“We tried calling it quits so many times.” She said.

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