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Wednesday, June 10, 2020 – With majority of Kenyans struggling to make ends meet due to the high cost of living, the Government is expected to increase fuel prices by 15th June this year.

In a virtual meeting held by Energy Regulatory Board members on Wednesday, the board resolved to increase the price of petrol by Sh 6.41, reduce diesel by Sh 1.97 and reduce the price of kerosene by Sh 15.97.

The increase in petrol price in Kenya comes as the global price of crude oil continues to nose-dive due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Kenyans led by renowned blogger, Robert Alai, have asked the government to explain why there is an increase in fuel prices in Kenya yet global fuel prices continue to tumble.

Alai blamed the fuel increase to a cartel led by Energy Principal Secretary, Joseph Njoroge.

Alai said Njoroge and his coterie own Independent Power Producers which they use to milk taxpayers money – this is the main reason Kenya Power has been reporting losses every year.

Fuel rising again in Kenya while falling globally because Energy PS Joseph Njoroge owns Independent Power Producers they use to milk the state. How is a PS who is also former MD of utility provides going to have policies fair to Kenyans when he has selfish interests? Crooks!!” Alai said on Wednesday.


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