Tuesday, 09 June 2020 – A man has called out his ex-girlfriend and narrated how he busted her with a boda boda rider at night.

His ex-girlfriend is a teacher in Kitui and when they were dating, she would always complain of poor phone network every time he called after 6PM.

The lady would reject his video calls, complaining that the network was poor.

He even approached Safaricom in 2018 on twitter and complained about the issue of poor network in Kitui, where his ex-girlfriend was based (see tweets below).

Little did he know that the lady was fooling him, until he paid her a surprise visit and busted her with a boda boda rider at night preparing to have dinner.

Popular twitter user, @amerix, tweeted praising teachers for being good wife materials and encouraged any man who wants to date a career woman to go for a teacher but the man trashed amerix’s tweet, narrating how he caught his ex-girlfriend who was a teacher cheating.

This is how he responded to the tweet.

Here’s a photo of his cheating ex-girlfriend.


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