Thursday June 11, 2020 – President Uhuru Kenyatta has begun recovering his lost ground in Mt. Kenya with the help ODM leader, Raila Odinga, who is doing the bidding for him.

Already, many of Deputy President William Ruto’s allies in Central Kenya have already jumped the sinking ship and are now on Uhuru’s side thanks to Raila.

On Tuesday, Laikipia Woman Representative, Catherine Waruguru, who was Ruto’s ally, walked into Raila’s Capitol Hill office and denounced Tanga Tanga, a political wing associated with the DP.

Yesterday, Sarah Korere, the Laikipia North MP, also a Ruto supporter, walked into into Capitol Hill office of the opposition chief to pledge allegiance to the Raila-Uhuru power axis.

Just like Waruguru, Korere has in the past dismissed Raila as a politically infertile personality who should make way for more virile politicians such as Ruto.

As the three moved to Kenyatta’s corner, those who had been sitting on the fence, including North Imenti MP, Rahim Dawood, also switched to Kenyatta’s side.

 “I am no longer in the middle ground but firmly in Uhuru’s corner.”

“There are clear signs that we no longer have to sit in the middle on those matters,” Dawood said, adding that many others will move.

In the whole of Mt Kenya, most of Kenyatta’s support is in Murang’a where MPs who support him outnumber Ruto’s, even though by a small margin.


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  1. Mr Maraga was given his job by a team of 10 people. President of Kenya was given his job by 8.5 million Kenyans who voted consciously. Exactly what makes Mr Maraga think that the President of Kenya is his subordanate. He pretends that he can order the President around in a manner that even Mr Maraga’s adult children cannot accept from their father. Maraga must use the words ” the court orderered you” just to humiliate the President. If Maraga wants to interact with the executive arm of Government he must meet the person of the President. So he thinks: he cannot deal with the AG. Really? I am not a lawyer but Mr Maraga, law cannot be practised in a vaccum. Whichever way Maraga voted, he should respect the choice of 8.5 million voters.

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