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Tuesday, June 23, 2020 – Former K24 Swahili news anchor, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, has penned a consolation message to the over 100 Mediamax employees who were fired after being declared redundant on Monday.

The former news anchor asked those who have been recently laid off to take it as a lesson and whenever they get employed, they should not be too attached to their jobs.

Mwanaisha, who now runs a hotel business, used her own experience where she was laid off twice on grounds of redundancy to encourage those sacked at the worst time possible.

Read her letter below.

 “Dear Friends ..I wrote this letter to myself when I first lost my job back in 2015..I thought I should share coz it changed my life I hope it does to you too..

“Too attached to a Company never again😜😜😜😜 As long as your name is not listed as a shareholder or amongst the owners of the company don’t be too comfortable..

“Use that platform (Employment) to build yourself the same way you are so busy and committed in building another person’s company.

“Employment should be a #SIDEHUSLE and your side hustle should be your FULL TIME JOB.

“Start over ,Invest in it, build it ,take risks for it, loose sleep for it ,get angry and furious for it ,celebrate its success and failures because it has your DNA in it.

“To those who have lost jobs POLENI but take the lessons with you so that next time it happens to you you should be more than ready. It will be like transitioning to better bigger you.I have been there twice and since then am more than content with the person I have become. #IndependentThinker #Grateful #Blessed #Success #Husler..

My friends dont be too attached to employment or companies and institutions that never asked your input when they were setting up laying the foundation in the first place.

“That was the owners and founders vision and dream.

“You were just one to making that dream a reality and to sustain it and make profits or whatever and when the time came to replace you they never even thought twice or remembered your input but just saving what’s theirs.

“The time has come for you to live your dream and make it reality so that one day you will stand tall and be counted amongst the ones who make the best decision for themselves and their companies..

“I know it’s tough, it hurts, hearts are broken, but mine is to CONGRATULATE you all for for accepting to live your best lives now when you still have the energy and time to invest in yourself and rebuild what is rightfully yours.

“Go out there plant that seed and let God show you that He is the Almighty and He is in Control..Safari ndefu huanza na hatua moja..Congratulations for your Job Loss. #NeverAFailureAlwaysALesson

Mwanaisha Chidzuga

Managing Founder

Aryanna Swahili Cuisines

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