Sunday June 14, 2020 – Nandi Governor, Stephen Sang, is currently on the spot after he was accused of buying a bag of cement at Sh 9,100 instead of Sh 650

In a leaked document from Nandi County, the Governor is said to have bought 400 bags of cement at a cost of Sh 3.64 million which means that the cost of each bag was Sh 9,100.

In his defence on Saturday, Sang said that he bought 4,000 bags and not 400 bags as being peddled on social media.

“There was an error on the document.”

“Instead of the 400 bags indicated on the document, it should have been 4,000 bags,” Sang said.

The Governor, however, shocked Kenyans again by saying that he bought a bag of cement at Sh 910 knowing very well that a bag of cement is between Sh 500-700 in Nairobi or Eldoret.

Sources said that the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has already commenced investigations into the matter and those who are responsible for the mess will be held responsible.

“We know a bag of cement cost Sh 650, how can the Governor tell Kenyans that he bought it at Sh 910,” said an EACC officer.


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