Thursday, June 25, 2020 – VocalKapseret MP, Oscar Sudi, has consoled comedian turned Radio host, Felix Odiwuor alias Jalangó, following his sacking from the Kenyatta family owned radio station, Milele FM.

Jalang’o is among over 100 journalists sacked by MediaMax, the company that owns Mille FM, K24 among other media outlets.

While being interviewed by Jalangó in his YouTube Channel on Thursday, Sudi, who is a vocal critic of President Uhuru, told Jalangó that being fired is a blessing in disguise.

Sudi, who rose from a turn boy to become an MP, asked Jalangó to focus on entrepreneurship.

Mimi nafurahi sana vile ulifutwa kazi kwa sababu sasa utapata akili mingi.

“Watu wa salary huanza kufikiria ikifika mwezi kumi ndio wanahesabu siku ngapi mpaka mshahara ifike.

“Wachia wale wametoka shule pia wao wapate nafasi. Lakini naskia mlifutwa watu wengi sana na hiyo ni mbaya

(I’m happy that you got sacked because now you will become more creative.

“When you have a salary, you start counting days from tenth of the month to the next salary.

“Leave that job to those who have recently graduated so that they can also get their chance. Although I hear so many of you were fired and that’s just terrible),” Sudi said.

Jalang’o responded by reminding Sudi that MediaMax is owned by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family.

Lakini unajua huko ndio kwa Mzee mwenyewe (But you know that is the big man’s place),” Jalango’o said.

To which Sudi responded:

Wewe wacha, huyo hajawai uma shida ndio anafanyia watu hiviyo (Leave that guy, he has never experienced hardship that’s why he treated you that way),”

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