Tuesday, 09 June 2020 – Controversial singer, Willy Paul, is on the receiving end after he was busted luring an 18 yr old girl to sex.

Willy Paul, who is a serial woman eater, slid into the lady’s DM, asking her to meet him at his residence.

He started the conversation by enquiring about the girl’s age.

He was ready to send a cab to pick her or pick her himself but when the girl said that she can’t meet him on that particular day since she was not prepared, the singer went mad and threatened to block her.

She requested to plan the date on weekends but Willy Paul responded to her saying, ‘I can only meet you today.’

The girl, who didn’t want to lose the golden opportunity of bedding the singer, pleaded with him not to block her and they sealed a date.

Willy Paul is notorious for luring young girls to sex through  social media and this 18 year old lady is among the many girls that he has lured to sex using his Instagram page that has over 1 million followers.

See the leaked chats between Willy Paul and the girl.


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