Sunday, June 28, 2020 – Kenya’s ex-President Mwai Kibaki is admitted at Nairobi Hospital.

According to a close family source, the former Head of State is undergoing ‘management of severe pain as a result of an infection’. 

The ex-President was taken to Nairobi Hospital on June 19th and was admitted into the VIP ward where he has been receiving treatment ever since.

The former father of the nation is said to have complained of pain in the lower abdomen.

“Samples were taken for testing in the lab.”

“The results are out and nothing to worry about.”

“His team of doctors are managing the pain,” the source said.

“It is a normal visit and there is nothing new.”

“He goes there more often for scheduled check-ups be it once in a month or even twice.”

“So no [cause for] alarm,” another insider said.

We wish him a quick recovery


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