Tuesday, 30 June 2020 – We bring to you more photos of Argatha Loswash, a popular Ugandan TV presenter, who has been crowned the most curvaceous TV presenter in East Africa.

Argatha is a full package and anytime she graces the screen, men don’t switch stations.

Someone is wondering how her male workmates survive in the office with those juicy curves at their sight.

See more eye catching photos of the curvy TV presenter.


  1. Hii ni Ukumbafu we are not interested infact most of men have sexy women who knows how to take care of family and cook sio umalaya na ujinga most of this women they know kupigwa mitii na pesa they don’t know how to cook or to be materialistic wives tutolee ujinga na umalaya pliz let true family men and women of Kenya breath sio umalaya.

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