Friday June 26, 2020 – Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho, has today updated the country on ODM leader, Raila Odinga’s health condition after undergoing a complex brain surgery in a Dubai based hospital on Thursday

Addressing the press in Mombasa, Joho disclosed that Odinga had already undergone the procedure and was in high spirits.

“This morning, I have had the opportunity to speak to my party leader.”

“I feel happy and encouraged that he is progressing really well.”

“We continue to pray for our Baba and our leader and I have no doubt that within the shortest time possible, Baba will be back in Kenya,” the Governor stated.

He urged Kenyans to continue praying for Raila.

Just like everyone, Joho reminded Kenyans that leaders get challenges that are beyond their control.

“Sometimes leaders get sick and they are treated.”

“Sometimes they have to deal with issues that every human being goes through and the best we can do is pray for them,” he said.

Raila went to Dubai on Sunday accompanied by his daughter Winnie and his personal physician.


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