Tuesday, 02 June 2020 – Former K24 anchor, Betty Kyallo, is not the typical traditional wife who gets home from work tired and cooks for the husband.

While speaking on her Youtube channel, the controversial TV girl said that times have changed and it’s high time men treated their wives like partners and not slaves.

Betty said that she works very hard and gets home late and so, she doesn’t have time to cook and even if she gets married in the near future, her husband should not expect her to come from work and cook for him.

“I work like a crazy mad woman.”

“Let’s say me and my husband have left the house at the same time, and we are all so tired and he still expects me to go to the kitchen and cook?”

“Unless we are helping each other.”

“Not a man who will read the newspaper and wait for me to do it all,” she said.

Betty further said that she doesn’t like to cook and this is not something she is embarrassed about.

She disclosed that she cooks only on special occasions and leaves the housegirl to do the cooking most of the time.

“I don’t like to cook.”

“I am not embarrassed anymore.”

“Sijui kukata nyanya, sijui kitunguu.”

“That’s not my thing.”

“I only cook on special occasions.”

“But I am very clean.” she added.

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