Monday June 29, 2020 – Narc Kenya chairperson, Martha Karua, has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of having a hand in the acquittal of Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, on Friday.

Waiguru, who was facing an impeachment motion, was saved by the Senate and according to Karua, the President had a hand in saving her from impeachment.

Karua, who is a former Kirinyaga gubernatorial candidate, further claimed that she had information that the Jubilee and ODM parties had actively whipped Senators to save Waiguru.

“I’m asking the President, what is your message to the people of Kirinyaga?”

“You seem to have thrown us under the bus, your party did not look into the allegations but settled on sideshows.”

“In the impeachment of Ferdinand Waiguru, the parties whipped members to remove what they considered a corrupt Governor but in the Kirinyaga case, the party leadership looked the other way.” Karua said.

“Let me state this categorically, those members were whipped to do the opposite, at least we know of phone calls, they may deny, we know of night meetings, we know of calls to the Speaker and other key members, we have information from Senators who do not want to be named,” Karua added.


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