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Thursday June 11, 2020 – Law Society of Kenya President, Nelson Havi, has said he will personally initiate disciplinary proceedings against Attorney General Paul Kihara and Solicitor General Kennedy Ogeto for subverting the rule of law.

Speaking on Thursday, Havi said the AG who “cheered” as the laws of the land were being violated had misled President Uhuru Kenyatta on several occasions.

“We will charge the AG and SG for misconduct, subverting the rule of law and misadvising the President.”

“They will be given an opportunity to be heard by the membership of the Law Society of Kenya.”

“If they are satisfied with charges against the AG and SG, they will be disbarred,” Havi said.

The LSK boss noted that the office of the AG is an independent one even though the holder is an appointee of the President.

“The AG, though an appointee of the president, is an independent office holder.”

“It is incumbent on him to give the best advice to the president and the executive.”

“If the government is misadvised, he must hold the greatest responsibility,”

“The AG and SG give bad advice by reading the law upside down and taking advice from the likes of professor Manyora.”

“We cannot allow them to continue putting the profession in disrepute and ridicule and aiding the violation of the Constitution and disobedience of court orders,” Havi said


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