Wednesday June 10, 2020 – West Pokot Governor, John Lonyangapuo, called for the deportation of his Deputy from the United States to Kenya.

Speaking to reporters, Lonyangapuo urged US President Donald Trump to facilitate the deportation of Nicholas Owon Atudonyang who practices as a neurosurgeon in Texas.

Lonyangapuo had long defended the absence of his Deputy even when he was grilled by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) in March saying that his Deputy was not earning a salary and was pursuing various partnerships for the County.

The Governor claims that Atudonyang is part of a team fighting him that also includes Tiaty MP, William Kamket, West Pokot Senator, Samuel Poghisio, and Kenya African National Union (KANU) Secretary-General, Nick Salat.

“No wonder this idiot ran away from West Pokot, now I know why he moved to Texas in America.”

“In fact, Trump should deport him as soon as possible.”

“We have been thinking he has various challenges, we keep telling people he will come back, but he is actually killing the County,” he stated.

He accused top KANU leaders including Salat of encroaching on his turf by interfering in West Pokot County politics.

Lonyangapuo claimed that the team fighting him had branded itself the ‘third force’ and had a fist as its symbol, claiming that they were seeking to wrestle control of the County for selfish gains.

He accused the team of seeking to influence the appointment of a new County Public Service Board, in addition to opposing changes in the County Assembly meant to ensure his agenda succeeds.

Lonyangapuo showed messages from a Whatsapp group chat where Atudonyang expressed support for the blocking of the awarding of contracts to non-Pokots.

The West Pokot Governor demanded that the leaders keep off West Pokot County politics, asserting that they were interfering with important development programs.


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