Saturday, 27 June 2020 – Well known city thigh vendor, Faith Makau alias Amber Ray, left Kenyan women questioning whether they are not utilizing the gold mine between their legs well, after she flaunted her new convertible BMW and wads of cash.

While some women are wondering where they will get money to pay rent, Amber Ray is busy living a high end life after spreading her legs to wealthy men and sucking ‘ding-dongs’ of all sizes.

Only men with deep pockets get the chance to sanitize her ‘honey pot’, majority being drug dealers and fraudsters.

Here’s what the seasoned thigh vendor flaunted on social media amid the coronavirus pandemic, leaving women wondering whether her ‘Nunu’ is special.

Here’s how ladies reacted after Amber Ray posted photos showing off a lavish lifestyle.


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  1. Malaya hakuna kazi hufanya kazi yake ni kufinywa,kula,kunya na kukojoa,akili hakuna by the time they are 35 years no man is interested in her and by the time she is at 40s hana chochote wala mtoto and by the time she locks 50s ana kila type ya ugonjwa ana rudi ocha mahali alizaliwa na kuwa mchawi na huo ndio mwisho wa malaya na kulipa ni kifo.

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