Monday, 22 June 2020 – Last week, it was revealed that 4,000 school girls in Machakos have fallen pregnant since mid-March after data was collected in different public hospitals in the area.

The statistics shocked many Kenyans, prompting local Chiefs to take stern action against sex predators who are preying on school girls.

This chief from Ukambani has issued a stern warning against boda-boda riders, accusing them of preying on school girls.

According to the chief, some boda boda riders are allergic to carrying men.

They only carry women and school girls.

He ordered that all school girls should be at home at 4PM and warned any boda boda rider who will be caught luring a school girl to bed with a lift will rot in jail.

He also warned parents that if their school going daughters fall pregnant, they must produce whoever impregnated them.

Watch video.


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