Thursday, June 18, 2020 – A Member of the County Aseembly from Kitui County is nursing serious injuries at his home after he was assaulted by men believed to be supporters of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu.

James Munuve, who is the Kanziku Ward MCA, was having a meal at a restaurant when a man intercepted, moved towards him and started roughing him up, alluding that he was part of the team making things hard for the Governor.

“He entered the cafeteria shouting that all Wiper MCAs must be disciplined.”

“He then walked over to me, pushed and roughed me up, saying that I was part of the team that was fighting the Governor,” the MCA said.

Munuve was relieved after the hotel’s management moved in and threw the man out.

Ngilu is facing an ouster after a section of MCAs opted to collect signatures in support of her impeachment motion.

The Governor is accused of mass embezzlement of public funds and violating the constitution and tendering processes.


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