Tuesday June 23, 2020 – A former driver of Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, has revealed how he was fired after the Governor suspected him of farting.

According to evidence presented to the 11 member Senate committee investigating her impeachment, the driver, in an affidavit, narrated how he was fired by Waiguru after she smelled a foul oduor inside her car.

“Yes it is true, I was fired after the Governor suspected me of farting,” the driver who demanded anonymity wrote in an affidavit.

In the impeachment, Waiguru is accused of abusing her office and violating the Constitution.

But on Tuesday, Waiguru dismissed these claims as false and unfounded grounds advanced by the MCAs in her impeachment.

The Governor said the allegations are mere malice and innuendos meant to embarrass her and destabilise the County operations.

“These MCAs are on a fishing expedition, their superficial evidence is unintelligible,” she said



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