Wednesday June 10, 2020 – Before Kenya gained independence in 1963, British colonialists devised an evil power inheritance scheme that is still ingrained in our country up to this day.

The British Government came up with a plan that saw the first crop of chiefly “big men” being empowered financially to take their children to schools and eventually have those children go to Europe or United States for further studies and eventually provide a ready-made socio-economic and political class to whom independence and State power could be entrusted in the post-colonial era.

This explains why their children and grandchildren still hold majority or almost all important positions in Government or in the private sector supported by the State machinery.

For example, the colonial Government empowered Chief Muhoho wa Gatheca and he was able to take his sons and daughters to school so that they can hold senior positions in post-colonial Kenya.

One of Chief Gacheca’s daughters was Mama Ngina Kenyatta who was married by founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

His son was the now powerful deep state operative, George Muhoho.

For collaborating with colonialists, Muhoho became a Catholic Priest and studied until 1968 at the Collegio San Pietro in Rome church law.

In 1971, he was appointed as the first black African diplomat to the Vatican Embassy attached to the EU in Brussels.

Muhoho currently advises President Kenyatta.

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