Sunday, June 7, 2020 – Siaya County leadership has been put under the spotlight after President Uhuru Kenyatta revealed that the County has only 10 isolation beds.

While addressing the nation on Saturday, Uhuru said that even as the number of coronavirus cases in the country continues to surge, many Counties are not adequately prepared to deal with the invisible virus.

“Siaya for instance has a 10-bed isolation facility.”

“Busia County has a 34-bed isolation facility that was full two days ago…If there is a surge in infections in the Counties, the health care system will be overwhelmed…Are Kenyans ready to nurse COVID19 patients at home?,” Uhuru posed.

Shortly after the President made his statement, Siaya County started trending on social media with many citizens slamming the County`s leadership for inadequate preparedness to halt the spread of coronavirus in the County.

Among high profile leaders who were netted in the mess include Governor Cornell Rasanga, Senator James Orengo and ODM party leader, Raila Odinga.

Many wondered why Raila Odinga wants to lead the nation yet he has not been able to put even a good hospital in his backyard.


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