Tuesday, 30 June 2020 – Diamond Platnumz’s manager, Sallam, has been called out after he behaved like a kid during the burial of Babu Tale’s wife.

Sallam refused to shake Harmonize’s hand when he was greeting mourners during the burial service.

He shoved off Harmonize’s hand when he stretched it to greet him.

The video confirms that some members of Diamond Platnumz’s camp still have beef with Harmonize after he ditched the Wasafi Crew  to start his own camp dubbed, Konde Music Worldwide.

Harmonize was the most visible artist at Wasafi apart from Diamond and ever since he left Wasafi, the record label has not been doing well.

Here’s a video of Diamond Platnumz’s petty manager, Sallam,  refusing to greet Konde Boy during the burial of Babu Tale’s wife.


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  1. Kenyan post mnachukiza sana kwanza mimi binafsi siwezi nikasubscribe channel ya kitoto kama hii. Mnaonekana mpo pande ya Harmonize. Mmesahau kwamba huyo huyo Harmonize alikataa kumsalimia Ali kiba muda mwingine. Mbona hamkuwahi post na kusema kwamba harmonize alifanya utoto. Harmonize forgot the Bible wise saying that says “Do unto others what you would like to be done unto you” na pia mkumbuke what goes around comes around. Team Harmonize mnatokwa tu povu bure. Alafu sisi Team Mond tuko imara kama simba. #Kenyanpost mnapotosha watu shenzi nyinyi.

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