Sunday June 21, 2020 – Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has opened up about his relationship with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

In a candid interview with comedian Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, Kabogo took a swipe at Odinga for keeping quiet at a time when Kenyans, both in the country and in the diaspora continue to suffer from the impact of Covid19 pandemic.

He divulged that his attempts to reach the AU Special Envoy for Infrastructure to intervene have been futile because he has not been picking his calls.

“Of late, Raila doesn’t pick my calls”, Kabogo stated as he opened up about his failed attempts to reach Raila.

“People will claim that I went to be sanitised if I go to see visit him at Capitol Hill, Nairobi offices,” added Kabogo.

Raila’s Capitol Hill offices has been the subject of discussion among his critics with some alleging that public officials implicated in corruption scandals visit his offices to be absolved of blame.

“Why is he (Raila) silent when Kenyans are suffering?”

“He has a voice that can be used to push the Government to act.”

“Who else can swear himself in as President in Kenya and not face the Government’s wrath?” Wondered Kabogo.

The flamboyant politician said that he is moved by the plight of Kenyans stranded abroad with some sleeping hungry and others on the streets begging to come back home.

“It is painful to see Kenyans suffering abroad and the Government should send one Dreamliner to bring them back home.”

“They are jobless and have nowhere to turn to.”

“One of them texted me and told me that they had slept hungry for three days.”

“I believe our ambassador can reach out to Dubai leaders and organize for Kenyans to be granted food and shelter,” Kabogo added.

He promised to take up the matter with President Uhuru Kenyatta and pledged financial assistance to the tune of Ksh 500,000 to help repatriate Kenyans back to the country.


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  1. Mature politics in Kenya is scarce- NONE is at present minding the COMMON MAN’S PROBLEMS+After enriching THEMSELVES from public cash what else but make PRE-ARRA NGEMENTS FOR 2022 IRRESPECTIVE OF EVEN THE PRESENT COVID 19 PANDEMIC ? Imagine even the once vocal Raila was treated to a QUIET STATE

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