Tuesday June 30, 2020 – A vocal Jubilee Party legislator has asked President Uhuru Kenyatta to kick out Jubilee Party Deputy Secretary General, Caleb Kositany, because he is a mole of Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking at his office on Monday, Nyeri MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, said that Mr Kositany has been a senior official of the Jubilee Party since its formation and his allegations that the party was misusing funds were political.

On Monday, Kositany, who is the Soy MP, said Deputy President William Ruto’s supporters want the Auditor General to audit Jubilee Party’s financial books.

Kositany alleged lack of transparency at the offices of the ruling party adding that they were carrying out their own investigations and will release the results.

But Ngunjiri dismissed Kositany’s claims saying the lawmaker was one of the MPs allied to Deputy President William Ruto who had lost their grip on the party and had vowed to destroy the party.

“What the party Deputy SG Kositany was attempting to cast aspersions on the Jubilee in an attempt to destroy the Party, and I urge the Party Leader to reorganise the party leadership outside parliament,” Ngunjiri said.


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