Wednesday June 24, 2020 – Nyeri Town MP, Ngunjiri Wambugu, has laughed at Deputy President William Ruto for launching a parallel Jubilee Party, saying the new outfit is going nowhere.

Referencing the ongoing purge within Jubilee targeting allies of the DP, Wambugu described the Jubilee Asili Centre as a place for ousted Jubilee legislators to console each other.

“I think we have seen another backtrack.”

“There was a day when certain Jubilee MPs were all over the place talking about Jubilee Asili as the place of original ideas, and I found it very interesting when Senator Linturi described what they have opened.”

“I understood it as a club where they hang out and comforted each other.”

“What are they comforting each other for?”

“My understanding is that anybody can walk into the Jubilee Centre on Pangani right now, no one is going to stop them,” stated Wambugu.

The Jubilee lawmaker described the move as mischievious adding that the ousted legislators needed to be honest with the public if they wanted to start another party.

“They realized that the backlash is not going to allow them to do that,” he explained.


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