Sunday, 07 June 2020 – Betty Kyallo has been advised to be careful when dealing with whopper master and Nairobi’s number one woman eater, Felix Oduour who is popularly known as Jalang’o.

Of late, Betty is so close to Jalang’o and despite calling him a brother, a section of fans feel that Mzee Jalas, as he is also commonly known, cannot be trusted.

They have warned her that if she is not careful, Jalang’o will chew her and post photos in the infamous Boys Club WhatsApp group.

‘Jalang’o is not your brother, I know what he will do to you and post to the boys club. Be careful my sister.’ A fan commented.

‘Avoid Jalas, he is currently the undisputed member of Team Mafisi.’ Another one added.

‘Acha kuonyesha Jalas thighs. His mother taught him never to waste food.’ Another fan hilariously cautioned Betty Kyallo.

See comments from fans who feel that there is no way Jalang’o will waste a chance to chew Betty Kyallo.

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