Thursday, 18 June 2020 – Despite the surge in the number of coronavirus cases in the country, it’s business as usual for sex workers in downtown Nairobi.

An undercover journalist went to downtown Nairobi and recorded a video of sex workers parading their flesh in the busy streets of River Road in Nairobi, waiting for sex starved men to buy their services.

Thirsty men were caught on camera getting into dingy lodging rooms with the sex workers for short time sex, oblivious of the danger they are exposing themselves to courtesy of the deadly corona virus.

The sex workers complained how corona virus has dealt them a major blow because men don’t have money to buy sex and brothel clubs where they used to hunt for clients have been shut down after the Government ordered all clubs closed.

Watch this video of how the sex business is still going on in downtown Nairobi and other parts of the country despite the spread of corona virus.


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