Saturday, June 13, 2020 – Sharon Nduta, the hardcore sex worker who had sex with Political Analyst Tony Gachoka and then accused him of sexual harassment on twitter, has posted a video showing what her mouth is capable of doing.

Some time back, Nduta revealed that she makes good money peddling flesh and even bragged that some loaded clients like Gachoka pay her more than Ksh 50,000 for sex.

The clout chasing Kikuyu sex worker and former stripper at Liddos Club, posted a video sucking a client’s ‘Mjulus’ and splashed her phone number to market her thigh vending services.

The client looks like a sponsor, judging from his big pot belly.

Nduta is a skilled worker with vast experience in sucking different sizes of ‘cassavas’

To watch the video, just click this link to get a view of what Tony Gachoka enjoyed when they met for sex at this house LINK>>>


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