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Do you believe in Prophecy? Is there a way of knowing whether one is a true prophet or a false prophet? The minute many hear the word prophet, they switch off or shun everything else that will be said after that because it is more often than not associated with falsehood and exploitation. Have you ever thought about this – the fact that there are false prophets only means that there are true prophets. If this man Elvis Mbonye be a true prophet, you be the judge.

Prophet Mbonye is the founder of Zoe Ministries in Kampala Uganda and is said to have an unprecedented record of prophecies that have come to pass. It is now 10 years since the spine chilling twin bombings that took place at Kyadondo Rugby grounds and the Ethiopian village in Uganda. Football fans had gathered together to watch the World Cup finals on big screens around this time 10 years ago. The explosions left 74 dead, hundreds injured and many more traumatized. The psychological and emotional trauma as a result of the blasts is immeasurable.

Ugandans lost loved ones, and suffered terrible injuries. The FIFA world cup live screening turned into a bloodbath for Ugandans on this fateful night. In a video released by Zoe ministries last week, several survivors describe their encounters. Pearl Wendy, a pharmacist in Kampala is recorded giving an account of how she lost her sister who was not even a football fan. Ssemuji Robert who was actually on the rugby grounds at the time of the bombings describes how his skull was shattered after the blast, leaving his head open. Joseph Kabuleta who recently threatened to sue the electoral commission in Uganda admits that he ignorantly did not take the prophecy / warning of the terrorist attack as seriously as he should have.

‘Prophet Elvis Mbonye foresaw the bombings and he issued a warning at a monthly prophetic conference that he held in May 2010. He asked believers to pray with him against the World Cup 2010 bombings’ a lady testifies in the video. Had the government and Ugandan citizens at large taken the warning seriously, would 11th July 2010 have turned out differently?

Here’s the Video of the narration by the survivors and witnesses:-

On 12th August 2012, seven members of the Ugandan military lost their lives.  The choppers came crashing down en route to Somalia in Nanyuki, Kenya. Interestingly, Prophet Elvis Mbonye had warned the Ugandan government that the choppers would crash, and that it would be prudent not to send them for the assigned mission. Unfortunately, the warnings were not taken seriously. You can watch this particular prophecy here.

What do you think? Should this man Prophet Elvis Mbonye be taken seriously? Browsing through his YouTube page ‘PROPHET ELVIS MBONYE’ you will come across many other prophecies that have since come to pass such as Donald Trump election win and impending impeachment, Teresa May resignation, Uhuru Kenyatta election win, Magafuli election among many others.

Worth to note is that Zoe Ministries broadcast the Power of Prophecy program every Sunday at 9.00 am on NTV Kenya. Tune in and judge for yourself.

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  1. Amazing!!! We nolonger live a life wondering what tomorrow will bring, what the enemy will do next, where the nation is headed. God has blessed us with His choicest, Prophet to the nations. #ProphetElvisMbonye. Thank You Jesus.

  2. This is a man approved of God with signs wonders and miracles. He has an unprecedented record of prophetic fulfilments!!!
    It’s our great privilege to have been brought before him in such a time.

  3. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ our Lord. Listen to His Prophet.

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