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Tuesday June 9, 2020 – Renowned human rights crusader, Maina Kiai, has congratulated Chief Justice David Maraga for attacking President Uhuru Kenyatta for ignoring court orders and violating the constitution.

Addressing the press on Monday, Maraga said that President Kenyatta has refused to appoint 41 judges recommended by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) in outright disobedience of two court orders and the Constitution.

Maraga said that the prolonged refusal by the President to appoint the 41 judges has created a serious shortage of judges in various courts, so much so that the hearing of some cases may have to be pushed to 2022 due to the backlog.

The CJ maintained that the President has no legal power to question or reject names recommended to him by JSC for appointment in accordance with the Constitution.

Though many condemned Maraga for attacking the President, Maina who was last month appointed to the Facebook board congratulated the CJ for having balls to confront the President.

“Impressive letter from Kenya Chief Justice David Maraga, taking on President Kenyatta & advocating for judicial independence. The Government cannot demand of its citizens the obedience of the law it is itself disobeying with abandon,’” Maina who is also a former United Nations Rapporteur said.


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  1. Uhuru’s sentiments is a total breach of the organs of law. How dare urge you subjects to observe the law yet you yourself do not take heed to it? HYPOCRICY!

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