Tuesday June 16, 2020 – Kiharu MP, Ndindi Nyoro, has said Raila Odinga’s Capitol Hill office has become a laundry for all the Tanga Tanga politicians leaving the faction.

Nyoro said that Tanga Tanga politicians who had been previously branded corrupt due to their allegiance to Deputy President William Ruto were visiting Raila’s office and coming out white as snow.

Speaking yesterday, Nyoro said Tanga Tanga members were under harassment and intimidation by State machineries.

He said that Raila’s office had become a gateway which politicians could use to avoid harassment from the State.

He said that he cannot fall for such a scheme given that in 2017, he was on a campaigning spree to take Raila home.

“There is a laundry that has come up to wash people especially those Tanga Tanga members leaving the faction.”

“If you had been previously branded as corrupt, when you enter Raila’s office, you are told you are pure,” he said.

Nyoro said Raila had become a laundry for Tanga Tanga members.

The MP said that some members in Ruto’s camp were defecting and renouncing their membership due to intimidation that the faction was going through.

“None of us even sleeps a good night sleep due to the constant intimidation,” Nyoro said.


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