Monday, June 15, 2020 – Narc Kenya chairperson, Martha Karua, has said that she was aware that late former First Lady Lucy Kibaki was planning to kill her and lawyer Gitobu Imanyara.

Responding to a netizen who asked her whether she was aware that Lucy Kibaki was planning to assassinate her, Karua, who is also the former Justice and Constitutional Minister, said that she was aware because lawyer Gitobu Imanyara raised the matter in Parliament. If you missed the article, see here>>>

“Yes l did and @GitobuImanyara raised it in parliament then which I believe insulated us,” Karua stated.

On Sunday, Wikileaks released a dossier claiming that Lucy Kibaki and retired Commissioner of Police, Major General Mohammed Hussein Ali, ordered the killing of prominent politicians, among them Martha Karua and Gitobu Imanyara.

The letter names powerful individuals in Kibaki’s Government as architects of the diabolical scheme.

Apparently – but not very surprisingly – Kibaki was not aware of what was cooking right under his nose.

The letter also claims that the assassinations were first rehearsed on prominent businessmen.

The politicians monitored for assassination were Paul Muite, Ferdinand Waititu, G.G. Kariuki, Bonny Khalwale, Gitobu Imanyara, Martha Karua, and businesswoman – turned politician, Mary Wambui.

It is instructive that Mary Wambui is the co-wife whom Lucy made Kibaki deny in public.


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