Thursday June 18, 2020 – Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has opened up over his contentious relationship with Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking candidly during an interview on TV47, he explained how events leading up to the 2017 General Elections left a bitter taste in his mouth, revealing some insights into what came to be known as the battle of the Williams, revolving around his fight to retain his gubernatorial seat in 2017.  

“I was among the team of 4 individuals who engineered the merger between The National Alliance Party (TNA) and the United Republican Party (URP).”

“However, when it came to the nominations (which I had been assured of), things changed.”

“DP Ruto was in charge of the process, I have no reason to say that he was not the one,” he stated.

Noticing the surprise turn of events during party nominations, Kabogo said that he was very vocal in pointing out anomalies in the process, but that nothing was done

Huyu jamaa tulimshika usiku na makura (we caught the guy with stacks of votes in the middle of the night), but they did nothing,” he narrated.

Kabogo made it clear that he had not gotten over the incident, nor forgiven those who betrayed him, including William Ruto, but that he had just decided to move on.

Ata kama sikumsamehe, ilipita (even if I didn’t forgive him, it’s all in the past now),” he elaborated.

However, he made it clear that he will never be part of a deal involving the assurance of a future nomination ever again, citing that he has been shortchanged 4 times.

Kabogo lost Jubilee nominations to Ferdinand Waititu who went on to become the second Governor of Kiambu but later on got impeached over corruption.


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