Monday June 15, 2020 – Chief Justice David Maraga has dismissed claims that he was in an erotic relationship with Lady Justice Pauline Nyamweya who is the presiding judge of the Judicial Review Commission.

In a video he shared on his official Twitter handle on Monday, Maraga exposed his detractors saying that they wanted to interfere with the independence of the Judiciary.

All the controversies in the Judiciary concerning the appointment of the 41 judges were shared in the said clip with Maraga arguing that it was the work of those who wanted to infiltrate the third arm of Government.

“This is how low they have sunk in their determination to undermine the Judiciary and judicial independence,” Maraga tweeted.

The clip, which, according to sources was from the Executive, alleged that Maraga was in a sexual relationship with Justice Pauline Nyamweya.

“One of them is Pauline Nyamweya, the presiding judge Judicial Review Division.”

“She has been romantically involved with CJ Maraga since late 2017 and even shared a number of intimate moments during the annual 2018 judges colloquium as recorded at his hotel room at Serena Hotel,” the video claimed.


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