Tuesday June 16, 2020 – Chief Justice David Maraga has refused to back down on his standoff with President Uhuru Kenyatta over the appointment of the 41 new Judges.

Maraga was responding toreports about the discussion he allegedly held in a meeting between him and Senate Majority Leader, Samuel Poghisio, and Senate Majority Whip, Irungu Kang’ata.

He termed the reports as misleading and erroneous.

During their 7 pm bulletin, Citizen TV reported that the process of interviewing the 41 judges could be done afresh following the discussion by the trio.

However, a statement by the Judiciary claimed that the report was inaccurate.

“This information is inaccurate and misleading,” read the statement.

Judiciary maintained that the meeting was a courtesy call by the new leaders to explore ways of cooperation between the Senate and the Judiciary.

“They requested to see me this morning, you know they were recently elected into office.”

“It’s just a courtesy call.”

“We have discussed quite a number of matters; how the Judiciary can cooperate and work with the Senate.”

“The two bodies are independent but independence does not mean we work in silos,” Maraga stated during the Monday morning briefing.

On the other hand, Poghisio said that “this is actually one of our first assignments.”

“We really wanted to have a moment to visit the head of the Judiciary and also know how we can work together; there are many issues that come to the Senate, there are many issues that come here.”

Maraga reiterated that President Uhuru Kenyatta is bound by the Constitution and existing court orders to appoint the 41 Judges as recommended by the Judicial Service Commission.

Talks of the appointment of the 41 Judges began during a Press Conference on Monday, June 8th, when Maraga accused the President of refusing to swear in Judges proposed by the Judiciary.

Maraga stated that Uhuru’s refusal to swear in the judges contributed to the backlog of cases in the Judiciary.


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