Tuesday, 23 June 2020 – Radio host, Jalang’o, is among Mediamax employees who were fired at night through SMS and although he has been lying to his fans that he resigned after failing to come to an agreement with his bosses, we can confirm that he was shown the door.

Jalang’o was among the topmost earners at Mediamax because of the popularity of his show on Milele FM but since the loss making media station couldn’t afford to pay him the huge salary, he was kicked out.

The seasoned radio presenter now brags that he has received job offers from 6 different stations, less than 24 hrs after he was fired.

‘I have received calls from six radio stations who want to hire my services,’ he said in an interview.

However, Jalang’o said that he is not focused on employment at the moment because he wants to build his own brand and drive his company to further success.

‘I will take a step back and see how the progress develops.”

“Right now, I am focused on Arena Media and I am looking forward to driving it to further success,’’ he added.


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