Saturday, 27 June 2020 – Social media commentator, Laura Mwende, has written an informative post about rogue mothers who teach their daughters how to extort, swindle and hoodwink men when they are young and continue with this behaviour after they become adults.

She narrated about a story of her former schoolmate at Precious Blood Riruta, who was used by her mother to lure a teacher to a lodging during closing day and after checking into the lodging in the nearby town, the mother emerged from the blues breathing fire while in the company of a mob.

She accosted the teacher, accusing of him raping her daughter and even sued him for defilement.

The teacher reportedly lost his job after being blackmailed by the girl’s mother, who used her daughter to lay out the evil plan.

Read Laura’s informative post on how rogue mothers are teaching their daughters bad behaviours at a young age, turning them into gold diggers and prostitutes.


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