Wednesday, 03 June 2020 – Nadia Mukami, who is the most sought after female singer in Kenya right now, has said that she is not dating until she turns 24.

While interacting with her fans, the mellow voiced singer confirmed that she is single after a fan asked her why she cannot mend fences with her ex-boyfriend, Arrow Boy, a popular Kenyan singer.

The sexy singer said that she has been single for 6 months now and said that she will not date until she turns 24.

Nadia said that she takes relationships seriously and every time she falls in love with a man, she loves with all her heart, only to end up suffering painful heartbreaks.

She added that her next relationship must lead to marriage and that’s why she is taking her time.

Nadia had said in an earlier interview that she is planning to abstain from sex until she gets married.

You heard it right men, you may never see the colour of Nadia’s pantie until she turns 24.

This is what she posted on her IG page during an interaction with fans.


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