Here are the main American States that you can place online bets in

Online betting is one of the most popular and enjoyable ways to game right now.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of online games and gambling opportunities to take part in. There are eSports matches and sports games to bet on, online casinos to join and a plethora of fun mobile games to download as well. Modern gamers are spoilt for choice.

People enjoy online betting for a number of reasons. One of the first reasons is that it’s simply convenient and easy to take part in, as people don’t even have to leave their homes and find a casino in order to play their favorite games.

Additionally, the wide variety of games and limited restrictions on online gaming can make it much more enjoyable for gamblers, regardless of whether they’re brand new to the betting world or seasoned gambling pros.

Online gambling can also be beneficial for the state and cities as a whole.

In states where online gambling is legal, there has been an influx in employment opportunities, and a boost to the economy as a whole, due to the extra tax revenue. This is highlighted nicely in this Governing article, which we found very helpful for our research.

Putting this aside, you may be surprised to know that online gambling is not legal in every state.

In fact, the legislation surrounding it in America is wholly inconsistent and can be tricky to follow along with. Some places have ambiguous laws surrounding online gambling, and some places have made it outright illegal. This is frustrating for gamblers and gambling companies, and is something that will hopefully be changing soon.

In our article today, we’re going to be taking a look at the main American states that currently allow online betting. We’ll be discussing the most popular games and styles of playing, and the types of gamblers that the state would be most suited to hosting.

New Jersey

To start off with, New Jersey is arguably the best example of a gambling state in America. There are countless ways to play in the Garden State, with a unique spin to suit everyone from sports fans to traditional casino guests. It’s described as one of the gambling hubs of America, with incredible potential for further development in the future.

As this article points out, one of the main areas of betting in New Jersey that is receiving considerable attention is eSports. Tournaments and live streams are huge sources of entertainment for gaming fans, so it’s only natural that the eSports world has received such passionate approval from the gambling community in New Jersey.


Nevada is another popular haunt for gamblers, and is a great place to head if you’re looking for safe, regulated sites to bet online with. The community in Nevada is very passionate about their gaming, and you’re sure to be able to find a number of fascinating games to enjoy if you end up heading there on your travels.

Arguably, the most popular online betting genre in Nevada is their online casino scene. There is a solid selection of casinos to choose from, with plenty of traditional and newer games to look into playing. Online casinos can be a lot of fun, and recent developments in technology have made them even better- including elements like virtual reality dealers.


Delaware was the third state to legalize online gambling, which has earned it significant praise for being forward-thinking. The options in Delaware for gamblers might not seem as varied as they are relatively newer to the game, but there are still plenty to enjoy.

The online gambling scene in Delaware is great for sports and racing fans, as there are a  number of off-track betting hubs across the state. There are also some fantastic online casinos and gaming offers too.


Legalized online betting finally came into Pennsylvania in 2017, and the state has been making full use of it. Almost every type of online game is available in this great state, and it’s a fantastic place to head if you enjoy gaming.

Daily fantasy sports and sports leagues are very popular in Pennsylvania, and they attract new gamblers, experienced gamblers and even gamers with simply a passing interest in gambling. Other forms of online gambling, like sports betting, are popular too.

Where else could we see with legalized online betting this year?

As we’ve noted, unfortunately not every state has legalized online betting- yet.

In 2020, it would be fair to say that we’re going to see even more states move towards legalizing online betting and gaming as they realize the sheer benefits of doing this; for the economy, for their people and for their employment rates.

One state that looks particularly hopeful right now is California, as described by Fox Business. They’ll be the one to watch out for this year, that’s for certain.

To sum up

For residents in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware or Pennsylvania, there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to online betting. As long as the gamblers in these states bet through a verified, trustworthy company and make sure to set themselves realistic limits and restrictions on their gaming, they should be able to have a wonderful gambling experience.

For everyone else, it is vital to check whether gambling is legal in your location. Don’t run the risk of getting yourself into trouble, simply because your friend told you that it’s legal or that you think you might not get caught. Look after yourself and your gambling habits, and make sure to only bet in legal, verified establishments.

As we move into 2020, it’s pleasant to consider that more and more states like California will be moving down the path of legalizing online betting. The beginning of this article noted the immense benefits of this legalization movement- including more job opportunities and more tax revenue for the state.

Whatever your opinion is on gambling, it’s hard to deny that the discourse surrounding this subject has been fascinating. There will certainly be some interesting developments in this area as we start to make our way through 2020.

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