Monday, 08 June 2020 – ODM politician and well known gold scammer, Steve Mbogo, has denied having a close relationship with missing sharpshooter, Dafton Mwitiki.

Dafton, who came to the limelight after he was pictured holding a high calibre gun during Dusit Terror attack rescue mission alongside Steve Mbogo, went missing early March.

His car was found dumped in a thicket near Juja.

It later emerged that Mwitiki was a criminal who disguised himself as a businessman and a gun enthusiast.

Detectives disclosed that he was involved in a kidnapping racket in the city.

He masterminded the kidnapping of a grandchild to veteran politician, Mark Too, and obtained a ransom of Ksh 4 million.

He was also linked to the kidnapping of a Chinese businessman who was rescued by police in February this year.

According to Steve Mbogo, he is not close friends with Mwitiki as widely reported on social media.

However, they would occasionally meet at the shooting range but beyond the shooting field, Mbogo says he barely knew Mwitiki’s dealings.

“He really wasn’t a close friend but we would occasionally meet at the shooting range.”

“He was an incredible sharpshooter but people associated me with him after the picture went viral on social media.”

“Truth is, I barely knew him or his dealings beyond the photo,” revealed Mbogo.


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