Tuesday, 09 June 2020 – Another adherent member of Prophet Owuor’s controversial Repentance and Holiness Church has seen the light after being brainwashed for so many years.

Elijah, who was a member of one of prophet Owuor’s churches in Mombasa, disclosed that he has walked out of the church after realizing that it had turned into a cult.

He further revealed some of the lies that Owuor feeds his brainwashed members to scare them.

‘Owuor claims that he helped God to create the solar system, meaning he is a co-creator, this is a total lie, Jehovah will never share His glory with anyone.’

‘Owuor claims that Jesus visited him in Runda and slept under his feet, meaning he is now greater than Jesus our savior,’ he said while listing some of the lies that he discovered Prophet Owuor tells his brainwashed followers.

The former member now claims that Owuor is a false prophet who uses lies, camera tricks and mind games to brainwash his followers.

Here’s the full post by the member after seeing the light and leaving the controversial church.


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