Monday, June 15, 2020 – A lady has revealed how she resigned from a company after her boss started mistreating her when she refused to have sex with him during a work related trip in Mombasa.

Karimi Wesonga narrated on twitter how the sex starved boss handed her the keys to his hotel room during an annual summit in Mombasa, sending a coded message that he wanted to chew her goodies.

Since the lady was aware of the boss’s randy behaviours, she refused to go this hotel room and  handed over the keys to the reception, turning down his sexual demands.

The sex starved boss went mad after she refused to sleep with him and sent her a message telling her that she will regret the stupid decision.

And true to his words, he started mistreating her when they went back to the office in Nairobi.

The lady narrated how she resigned from the job after facing a lot of frustrations from the randy boss and how her life changed for the better after walking out of the toxic job.

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