Wednesday June 24, 2020 – Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has admitted to owning the upcoming multi-million 5 star hotel and that is currently under construction.

This is after architectural designs of a stunning hotel being built in Machakos were widely circulated on social media, with Kenyans claiming that he was behind the project.

The images depicted a Burj Khalifa-style hotel with many floors and unique features including a waterfall on the side of the building.

Speaking earlier today, Mutua confirmed that the A&L hotel currently under construction was his, but asserted that the widely circulated designs were fake and unrelated to the actual project.

“The drawings being peddled on social media are not accurate.”

“Yes, I own hotels and lodges and have had them since I was working in Dubai in 2002 and as Government Spokesperson,” he explained.

Construction of the hotel is in its final stages with only finishing touches remaining.

Also deeply involved in the project is Mutua’s wife, Lilian, hence the decision to name it the A&L Hotel (Alfred and Lilian).

Mutua revealed that he had been involved in the hospitality business since before his days as Government Spokesperson, and hoped to bring a 5-star experience to Machakos.

“Lilian and I are about to open the A&L Hotel in Machakos that will bring the 5-star hotel service and experience to the area.”

“I am grateful to Family Bank for financing the project,” he stated.

Mutua dismissed allegations that his latest investment was linked to proceeds of corruption, citing his track record as an entrepreneur.

The Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) leader noted that he had been involved in various businesses since the age of 19, reiterating that it did not affect his commitment to serving the people of Machakos and improving their living standards.

“I have been an entrepreneur since I was 19 years old when I registered my first company.”

“I published a newsletter and a magazine.”

“I own a production company that made Cobra SquadBeba Beba etc.”

“And many years before I became the Governor of Machakos, I ran a local TV station.”

“I also have interests in aviation and export-based agriculture,” Mutua stated when questioned on his wealth.


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