Monday June 15, 2020 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s daughter, Rosemary Odinga, has given a strong indication about bouncing back into active politics after recovering from blindness.

Speaking yesterday when she appeared on Anne Kiguta’s Punchline Show, Rosemary said only time will tell.

Rosemary had declared her candidature for the Kibra parliamentary seat in 2016, ahead of the 2017 General Elections but dropped out of the race months later due to illness.

She had been diagnosed with a non-cancerous brain tumour that caused her partial blindness.

She was later flown to South Africa for advanced treatment.

Having recovered from the disease, she was asked on whether she had contemplated tossing her hat back into the ring in upcoming polls in 2022.

“It’s still too early to talk about running for office right now.”

“Right now the country is going through a tough time with Covid-19.”

“Now is not the time for people to think about what seats I want, who I want to remove or who I want to put in.”

“I mean yes, there’s still politics happening but this is not the time for that.”

“We need to be more cognizant of the fact that people don’t have jobs and people are struggling.”

“I think it’s too soon to talk about 2022 but let’s wait and see.”

“As long as I’m able to support my countrymen and women I’m happy, it doesn’t have to be a political space but if it is so, so be it, let the people decide,” she asserted when asked whether she had gained enough strength to return to the campaign trail.


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  1. The problem is that we have issues with the so called dynasties dictating what should be done or who should rule whose corrupt and whose clean and white as snow. Therefore we can not speak of issues in the same page as there is segregation in our nation. Man eat man society

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