Features of Slot Games Explained

Every slot game has its own features.  Some slots’ best features are the fact that they are so simple that they don’t have any bonus features at all and some players specifically look for this as the deciding factor as to which online slot they want to play. However, it is much more popular for slot gamers to enjoy playing slots online that have many different or interesting bonus features so that they have a new feature to either encourage them to play at Daisyslots a new online slot or as a way to entertain them for longer periods of time.  What do you prefer?

Free Spins Feature

The most common feature that slots online players look for is that of the free spins feature of a slots game.  They want to feel as if they are getting something for free when they are spending their own money on potentially not winning anything in return.  Free spins are triggered in many different ways, though most commonly through aligning specific symbols to trigger the activation of free spins.  They range in the number available but frequently 10 free spins are on offer which allows you to spin the reel 10 times without having to pay but you are still able to reap the benefits if you win during this time. 

Bonus Games

Bonus games or mini games are a great addition to slots games and are often sought after by players who frequent the online casinos more frequently.  They look to these bonus games to increase the level of interest offered by online slots at the same time as potentially increasing the amount of money that they are able to win during their playtime.  The bonus game is triggered in a particular way and just triggering this can increase the excitement levels.  Aiming to trigger the bonus game can be something to focus on and this can encourage a player to return to a specific game frequently especially if they find the slot online bonus game fulfilling, fun or financially rewarding. 

Wild Winning in Online Slots

A Wild, though not always specifically looked for, is one of the best additional features that an online slot can offer because it increases the potential that you have to win.  This is because the Wild symbol is able to replace many or sometimes all other symbols on the reels which enables paylines to be completed.  This means that winning alignments can be completed and the player can earn themselves more cash.  Though this does not seem as exciting as some as the other options available, such as the free spins or the bonus games, the potential to win and the potential to win sizeable cash prizes here, is often much greater than the two previously mentioned alternatives.  Though the Wild symbol is not the only underrated symbol in the slot world, you should definitely look out for online slot games offering this bonus feature next time you play as it could just increase your winnings.

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