Sunday, June 21, 2020 – Former State House comptroller, Franklin Bett, has said Deputy President William Ruto is treading on dangerous grounds for trying to compete with his boss, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

On Thursday, Ruto unveiled a parallel command centre for Jubilee MPs allied to his Tanga Tanga faction of the ruling party.

The launch of Jubilee Asili Centre by the DP himself and the move to adopt the ‘Sote Pamoja’ phrase as his new slogan instead of Jubilee’s ‘Tuko Pamoja’ was a good sign that Ruto has decided to embarrass his boss.

Speaking about the matter, Bett said that the formation of a new party is open defiance to the President and amounts to a declaration of war against the Head of State.

“You may need to be careful when confronting a man in power.”

“It’s not easy to fight the State two years to a general election and win,” said Bett, a once-powerful Roads Minister in the Grand Coalition Government.

Bett warned that the no-holds-barred war has the potential to “degenerate into tribal skirmishes” if political temperatures continue to rise in the country.

“The war will play out very badly in the days ahead.”

“My only worry is that it can degenerate into tribal skirmishes, which might be very unfortunate for the country,” he said.


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