Thursday May June 11, 2020 – Deputy President William Ruto has suffered a huge blow after the Treasury slashed his budget by over 40 percent.

In a budget estimate to be read by Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Ukur Yattani, on Thursday afternoon, Treasury has shrunk Ruto’s total budget allocation from Sh2.4 billion to Sh1.4 billion in the new financial year.

The State House Affairs budget, also within the Presidency, will in the new fiscal year receive a total of Sh3.8 billion, down from Sh5.4 billion in the current year.

This translates to a 29 percent cut.

The Presidency has scrapped some offices, which explains part of the drop in its budget.

However, some of Ruto’s expenses were slashed with more than 50 percent.

The DP’s domestic travel, subsistence and other transportation costs have been slashed by half from Sh193.6 million to Sh96.8 million, in what will likely reduce his movements across the country.

Sources said Treasury acted on orders from the Executive to reduce Ruto’s budget to stop him from campaigning for his presidential bid in 2022.


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